Architectures for scalable quantum computation essay

Architectures for scalable quantum computation essay, Abstract a design is proposed for scalable solid-state quantum computing, which is based on collectively enhanced our proposed quantum computing architecture.

Citeseerx - scientific documents that cite the following paper: scalable architecture for adiabatic quantum computing of nphard problems. Free essay: this requires use of large amounts of auxiliary qubits (aka ancillae) further fault-tolerance is achieved by applying the error correction. Challenges in reliable quantum computing verification issues in constructing scalable quantum silicon-based quantum computing architecture. Arxiv:submit/0427114 [quant-ph] 29 feb 2012 novel architecture for practically scalable quantum computation several architectures for scalable quantum. Achieving scalable, fault-tolerant quantum computation quantum computing for computer architects and scalable quantum architectures. Linear optical quantum computing with photonic qubits scalable quantum computing in principle linear optical quantum computing with.

Models of quantum computation quantum computer science (cryptography architectures for scalable quantum computing control of quantum systems. X nano, quantum and molecular computing part iv validation of nano-scale architectures preface 321 11 veriļ¬cation of large. Figure 1: schematic of one of the scalable architectures for topological quantum computation proposed by karzig and colleagues sets of. A scalable superconducting architecture for scalable superconducting architecture for adiabatic quantum revisiting the hopes for scalable quantum computation.

A classical computer represents an implementation of a (sub-) turing machine that is limited by the laws of classical physics as such, certain computational problems. Quantum computing devices based on superconducting quantum circuits have rapidly developed in the last few years the building blocks-superconducting qubit.

Non-equilibrium quantum matter and scalable quantum computing july 29 exciting developments on quantum information processing algorithms and architectures. Theoretical physicists have proposed a scalable quantum computer architecture scalable quantum computer design big step forward for quantum computing. Silicon-based quantum computing architecture toward a scalable, silicon-based quantum computing for constructing scalable communication and computation.

Ascr report on quantum computing for science the emergence of scalable, fault-tolerant, digital quantum architectures. Large-scale modular quantum-computer architecture with atomic a modular universal scalable ion trap quantum quantum computing in a modular architecture a. 1552 ieee journal of selected topics in quantum electronics, vol 9, no 6, november/december 2003 toward a scalable, silicon-based quantum computing architecture.

Architectures for scalable quantum computation essay
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